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Miguel Ángel Cano Santizo during the opening of the I Meditation Artistic Retreat Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand


I Meditation Artistic Retreat, by Miguel Ángel Cano Santizo

Created and directed in Thailand the

I Meditation Artistic Retreat, after managing a team of 25 people and collecting five hundred applications of artists from over eighty countries. Twenty of them spent two weeks at a Sanctuary meditating and creating artworks that later on were exhibited in an Exhibition in Bangkok that I curated and coordinated.

The project was highly successful and it collected over 50 press releases and publications from over 25 different countries, as well as sponsorships from first-line fine arts brands, such as Rembrandt, Sakura, Van Gogh and Amsterdam.


20 artists from 19 different countries and many different artistic disciplines, spent 14 days at a Santuary in an island at the south of Thailand. Four meditation and one yoga sessions a day to trigger the pure and genuine inspiration within each artist.

There were also artistic workshops designed to empower group cohesion and unity, which later resulted in a beautiful collective exhibition in Bangkok.


Fine arts, video projections, music, dance, performance and storytelling came together to show the world a united message forged by artists coming from different cultures and nations.