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Greek Rock Revolution is a 96-minute music documentary featuring seven of the bands representing the flourishing Greek Rock Scene, speaking about their music and the context ‘inspiring’ this movement: a long- lasting unstable social situation boosting artistic expression through a common feeling of non- conformity.

It was presented at Thessaloniki Film Festival and it has collected a dozen awards.

Video from the presentation of the movie at Babylon Mitte in Berlin.

“It’s more than a music documentary, of course. This is a study in human nature and the triumph of artistic expression in even the most dire of circumstances.”

- Billy Goate (Doomed & Stoned)


If you love rock n' roll music, this film is music heaven for you. 'Greek Rock Revolution' is the ultimate rock 'n roll documentary.”

- Utah Film Festival & Awards (USA)



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Documentary feature film which presents an open talk with those living in Hebron, symbol of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Filmed during 2 years and including interviews with 25 different protagonists, from Jewish settlers, religious and political heads to Palestinian shopkeepers, families and activists.

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The story of a journey through the Tibetan region located in the current Chinese province of Sichuan.

The silent shout of culture that progressively expires.

The portrait of a civilization as special as vulnerable that still retains its extraordinary mystical essence.

In spite of all, Tibet is still Tibet.

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Sunset in Sumbawa
Sunset in Sumbawa

Beautiful red sunset by the sea at Sumbawa Island, Indonesia

Sunset in Sumbawa
Sunset in Sumbawa

Beautiful red sunset by the sea at Sumbawa Island, Indonesia



Travel, culture & adventure documentary movie for the Indonesian National TV

Documentary film about social project to support homeless surfing kids