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Whether you're looking to hire an inspiring public speaker with a dynamic stage presence, or a film expert for a master class, I have over 12 years of experience. Book me as a professional speaker for your event, film festivals, conferences, film workshop, awards ceremonies, panel discussions, fundraisers or corporate events.


If you're looking for a guest speaker, I can offer your audience a different and motivational view into the world of Filmmaking, Photography, Documentary, traveling and dream pursuit. I will share real stories from my adventures and projects around the world and entertaining clips and photographs from my expeditions. As a reference, take a look at my TED talk, Turn your dreams into challenges.

We could also include a photo exhibition to offer a whole experience and create a unique scenario for catering and networking. Here you can check some of my photo galleries.


To discuss your requirements in detail, get in touch.

Miguel Angel Cano Santizo during a talk at Psicurt Film Festival in Tarragona
Miguel Ángel Cano Santizo giving a TED Talk in Larissa, Greece


Turn your dreams
into challenges

TED Talk by Miguel Cano delivered at the TEDxLarissa event, Greece, with the goal of inspiring to tackle dreams with a realistic and constructive approach in order to collect results and, mostly, to achieve a peaceful and stable state of mind.

Miguel Ángel Cano Santizo during a film wokshop at the STISI Telkom University of Bandung, Indonesia


Customized coaching for artists to professionalize your work and maximize your potential while keeping the enjoyment and your genuine spirit.


I created and directed in Thailand the ‘I Meditation Artistic Retreat’, after managing a team of 25 people and collecting five hundred applications of artists from over eighty countries. Twenty artists spent two weeks at a Sanctuary meditating and creating artworks that later on were exhibited in an Exhibition in Bangkok that I curated and coordinated.


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