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Miguel Ángel Cano Santizo holding a match during his TED Talk, Turn your dreams into challenges


Film | Documentary | Photography

Travel | Social | Journalism

Inspiring | Interactive | Visually engaging






¿Searching for a speaker?

TED Talk:
Turn your dreams
into challenges

Film Festival Talk:
The documentary as social weapon

Miguel Ángel Cano Santizo durante la presentacion de documental Aún Tibet en Festival de Cine en Hong Kong

Who: 12+years of experience in Film Direction, Photography and Journalism. 80+ countries traveled and 5 movies awarded. Author af The Huffingto Post, TED talk Speaker and Video-Journalist at the main German TV, Deutsche Welle.

What: inspiring talks, dynamic workshops and filmmaking master classes.

If you're looking for a guest speaker, I can offer your audience a different and motivational view into the world of Filmmaking, Photography, Documentary, traveling and dream pursuit. I will share real stories from my adventures and projects around the world and entertaining clips and photographs from my expeditions.

How: get in touch and let's speak about possibilities to entertain your audience or your team.

Miguel Cano during a talk about documentary filmmaking at Psicurt Film Festival
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