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The Genuine Value of Time

Updated: Mar 10

During my last project where I led a group of twenty artists in meditation retreat for artists in Thailand, in order to benefit most from the experience, tried from the beginning to make them understand that it is not the same to be here and to be present. The Sun, a plant or even the couch in your home 'are there', but do not have the ability to use their consciousness to appreciate that time; we do. We can keep walking along life without like to pass by for us or start to squeeze every second to appreciate the genuine value of time.

Analogue glass watch
This is an invitation to appreciate the genuine value of time

If at a particular moment we are connected to technology or even other thoughts, we are not completely enjoyng that moment, but only a percent of it (perhaps 30-40%?). It will seem exaggerated, yet not being a single situation, but in behavior that has become a way of life, that is the actual percentage of the time we are enjoying/taking advantage of.

The longing of youth, nostalgia for a place or desire for the company of a person, feelings that keep us living in the past, reliving situations that have already occurred. It may sound cold, but from the practical point of view, to stop misssing situations, places or people, it's not a constructive behavior which makes our time less valuable, because instead of living this particular moment, learning the circumstances around us and working to build situations or beautiful friendships, we're stuck in a past where we already had the opportunity to learn and undoubtedly we will not change anything now.

Men meditating in Bucharest, Romania
Meditation is a tool to develop consciousness

If we spend days dreaming about something that is not in our power, everything we do carry out automatically will seem to have less value. This situation leaves us with only two options: to consider our dreams and aspirations according to our ability to recieve results that satisfy and enrich us or simply follow our dreams with everything, whatever, but always being fully aware that not only they may not be fulfilled, but it's most likely that they won't. Therefore, we must stay open to observe and learn along the way, so that not only we evolve but so do our dreams. The difference between goals and dreams is that the former are enjoyed only when we acieve them, but dreams are something to be enjoyed as they happen, they really are motivating and inspiring and they are making time more valuebale during the process of living.

Not spending time with the people we love or losing friends or loved ones because of pride also influences the value of our time, because when losing important people we are forced to seek new friendships and relationships, which is not only exhausting but also makes us 'lose' time over and onver in the same task.

Woman using a tablet over the head of her boyfriend at a park in Thailand
Social networks and cellphones 'steal' time from us

If we live in fear or shyness that prevents us from performing certain actions or saying certain things, again we are not fully living as we should, but we are letting situations pass only and exclusively by our choice. Feelings like jealousy or resentment push us to develop emotions linked with hate , thus adds burdens that impede our progress naturally. All these factors act as strings that despite having elasticity keep always anchored to points in the past.

I often rethink my life, sometimes I fail and sometimes shed a tear, but I never look back and regret something i did not try, did not do, did not say. Maybe if in the future my life halts, but by then it will be too late for being wasted, because I have learned the true value of time and enjoy it with all my passion and energy every second of every day as if it were the last at the same time with the llusion as if it were the first.

There is a saying "Life is not measured by how many times you breathe, but by the moments that take your breath away" words of such poetic beauty that is difficult to refute. However, I disagree completely; I think life is measured in moments when we learn, times when we get to smile a person next us, and, above all, in the days when manage to be happy enjoying every second and being fully ourselves.

Thai Buddhist monk meditating next to its reflection on a glass
It is not the same to be here and to be present

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