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What if I said 'I love you'?

Updated: Mar 10

Yes, you, what if I said that I love you?

With your virtues and imperfections that make you unique and different, with your obsessions and contradictions, I do not mind them as I see in you hundreds of qualities which I admire and which make you special. Sometimes you make me mad, often you make me moved. Today because it is Friday, tomorrow because the Sun shines and the day after because the electricity bill rises up again. I admire you and you WHAT IF I SAID “I LOVE YOU”?build up my life, neither it hurts nor it bothers me to say it, actually it makes me proud: I love you.

Why even in our relatives and whole-life friends we highlight their limited defects over all the rest of their positive attributes? Why we judge and label strangers at first sight? Why do not we show and express openly and honestly our feelings and affections? Why is it so hard to say ‘I love you’?

Woman drawing a heart in the sand at a beach in Almeria, Spain
Saying 'I love you' is therapeutic

When traveling to remote or underdeveloped regions, one of the facts which makes the greater impact when contacting with the local inhabitants is their innocence. Nobody is going to judge you for your way of dressing, wording or hair style; on the contrary you are going to be treated from the very first moment with respect and admiration. Normally, the less contact with civilization a specific community has, the purer the heart of its members will be. They do not use to hide their feelings, being good or bad ones and frequently they will offer to you what they got, no more no less.

That brutal honesty is in itself an authentic revolution, since it produces an impact which pushes you to reflect and think over the way we value our fellows and express our emotions. Furthermore, it helps us in finding out the power and repercussion that our behavior has in our surroundings as weapon to provoke positive emotions.

This demeanor, so simple, innocent and, at the same time, moving, of humble communities placed a step outside clearly expresses the fact that the human being is good and positive by nature. However, this highly competitive society ends up restricting and limiting our affective capacities.

If you believe in a better world, in peace, in the human being and in the inspiring messages from the images that your friends post in Facebook and you click on ‘like’, I cannot believe that it would be so hard for you to look into one of your friends or relatives’ eyes and say it. Why don’t you try and check such a powerful impact of beautiful and honest words? What can happen? That the person so say it to will smile widely? That he or she will hug you? Perhaps, your I love you will be sent back?

I think it is worth trying; today could be a wonderful day to start emphasizing the positive sides of the people surrounding us, letting them know about it and observing the way life suddenly floods with smiles and dyes in color. To be able of carrying out an authentic revolution every day with just three words, that my dear friend, that is magic.

Kids in Indonesia drawing a heart in the sand of a beach
Children are not afraid to say 'I love you'. Let's (re) learn from them!

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